Gravitational Pulls

November 23, 2023
Gravitational Pulls
Hands on the ground, NOW!

Comment by Sakkura

Should be useful for gathering mobs together.

Comment by rasse667


Comment by Idocreating

Sup-par dps item. These are tanking gloves.

Can be seen due to less Strength than heroic dungeon blues.

Comment by monkiy

Even with less Strength, I'd think they are certainly still viable for DPS if you are in need of that expertise. Also you can consider the mastery as a DPS gain as well, and from the blues(ilvl 246) that I'm looking at across the board its about a 20 Strength loss for (give or take item to item) maybe 100 or more mastery rating. Plus a socket that being yellow lends itself well to a mastery gem and the bonus is still more mastery. My thoughts are that it was meant to be able to fall on either side of a plate class, but its aim was to be just a mastery heavy item benefiting both specialities very well.

Comment by Eldente

Beware of meteorites while wearing this.

Comment by Sephichan

As a protection warrior, I consider these gauntlets the best in slot. The mastery pool is amazing and the expertise will really help at holding aggro.

Comment by Dwarfageddon

these gloves seem a little over-budget, they have 94 more mastery than the tier tanking gloves.

Comment by ofunearth

Agreed - the amount of mastery after gemming with +40 mastery, enchanting +65 mastery and the +10 mastery socket bonus is, wait for it.358 (385 if you JC)!

Not to mention the 108 expertise that helps us prot wars get to our ~18 exp, no hit setup.

Mastery remains king, and these gloves will make you crit block like one.

Comment by bluewyvern

Indeed, although the 4 part set bonus is worth it for some fights, such as Chimaeron, possibly Magmaw, Cho'gall, Nefarian, etc. all depending on how essential the extra damage reduction is. Keeping shield wall on cooldown, the overall mitigation provided by it is only 0.8% (6 seconds of 40% reduction every 2 minutes) but bare in mind that extra 6 seconds could be the mitigation that stops you dying, and as far as the needs of your raid go, keeping yourself alive > saving healers mana.

Whether or not the 2 part bonus is worth it however is not particularly important since the two offset pieces for chest/legs have much worse itemization than the tier pieces. This is excluding the possibility of getting random enchant legs from Al'Akir with mastery/dodge or mastery/parry.

Gravitational Pull at Design Cloud
Gravitational Pull at Design Cloud
Gravitational Pull by Melody Saraniti
Gravitational Pull by Melody Saraniti
Pharrell for Complex Gravitational Pull
Pharrell for Complex Gravitational Pull

What is the gravitational pull on venus?

86%. Only for more %s than earth.

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