Universal force of gravity

July 2, 2023
Universal Force of Gravity

Girifalco is a fluid writer, and his stories are compelling. This book about the force of gravity has its feet firmly on the ground. - Nature, January 2008

Girifalco's conventional style and excellent explanations belie the difficulty of these topics, resulting in a deep, yet understandable, explanation of all the "weird" facts about the universe that relativity implies, none more so than the true nature of gravity. - Philadelphia Inquirer

Perfectly readable, engaging the reader quickly with the subject matter. - Martin Hendry, University of Glasgow

Fluidly and gracefully written, in an engaging, easy-to-read, non-mathematical style. - Hugh Van Horn, University of Rochester, NY

Unique in its historic perspective, with its biographies of very high quality, and its use of the subject to illustrate the nature of science itself, how it works, what it can, and most important, what it cannot do. - David Welch, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Girfalco's passionate book is a good introduction to the ancient history of cosmology, the personalities involved, and the experimental method. - Gordon Fraser, author of "Cosmic Anger: Abdus Salam, the first Muslim Nobel Scientist"

'The Universal Force' by Louis Girifalco is an excellent introduction to the fundamental concepts underlying our modern theory of gravity that contains some engagingly written descriptions of the work of the people who contributed to its development ... A very impressive and enjoyable book. - Physics World, April 2008

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Derivation of the Force of Gravity from the Universal
Derivation of the Force of Gravity from the Universal ...

Is the strongest force in the universe gravity.

Actually no, it is the weakest. There are four basic forces at work in the universe. In order of increasing strength, they are gravity, the weak nuclear force, the electromagnetic force, and the strong nuclear force.

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