About gravitational force

November 12, 2023
All objects have gravitational

..a second body outside the sphere as if all the spherically distributed mass were contained in a point at the centre of the sphere. Thus, the attraction of the planets by the Sun was the same as the gravitational force attracting objects to Earth. Newton further concluded that the force of attraction between two massive bodies was proportional to the inverse square of their separation and to the...

celestial mechanics: Tidal evolution

...has indeed retarded Hyperion’s initial spin rate to a value near that of synchronous rotation, but the combination of Hyperion’s unusually asymmetric shape and its high orbital eccentricity leads to gravitational torques that make synchronous rotation unstable. As a result, the tides have brought Hyperion to a state where it tumbles chaotically with large changes in the direction and magnitude...


cosmology: Gravitation and the geometry of space-time

The physical foundation of Einstein’s view of gravitation, general relativity, lies on two empirical findings that he elevated to the status of basic postulates. The first postulate is the relativity principle: local physics is governed by the theory of special relativity. The second postulate is the equivalence principle: there is no way for an observer to distinguish locally between gravity...

universe (astronomy): The Copernican revolution

...second law of mechanics generalized the work of Galileo and Descartes on terrestrial dynamics, asserting how bodies generally move when they are subjected to external forces. The law of universal gravitation generalized the work of Galileo and the English physicist Robert Hooke on terrestrial gravity, asserting that two massive bodies attract one another with a force directly proportional to...

electromagnetic radiation

electromagnetic radiation: Effect of gravitation

The energy of the quanta of electromagnetic radiation is subject to gravitational forces just like a mass of magnitude m = ν/c2. This is so because the relationship of energy E and mass m is E = mc2. As a consequence, light traveling toward the Earth gains energy and its frequency is shifted toward the blue...

orbital velocity

velocity sufficient to cause a natural or artificial satellite to remain in orbit. Inertia of the moving body tends to make it move on in a straight line, while gravitational force tends to pull it down. The orbital path, elliptical or circular, thus represents a balance between gravity and inertia. A cannon fired from a mountaintop will throw a projectile farther if its muzzle velocity is...

planetary rings

solar system: Formation of ring systems

...French mathematician who first explained this concept. The ring systems of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune lie inside the Roche limits of their respective planets. Within this distance the gravitational attraction of two small bodies for each other is smaller than the difference in the attraction of the planet for each of them. Hence, the two cannot accrete to form a larger object.


...rate of a pulsar in close orbit with a companion star, Joseph Taylor, an American astrophysicist, was able to show that a significant amount of the rotational energy lost was due to the emission of gravitational radiation. The existence of gravitational radiation is predicted by Einstein’s general theory of relativity but has not yet been seen directly.

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Gravitational Force on Space Shuttle
Gravitational Force on Space Shuttle
Powering System from Gravitational Force
Powering System from Gravitational Force
Gravitational Force
Gravitational Force

How does the discovery of newton about gravitational force helps us in our everyday life

The world worked before Newton. Affter Newton's Law of Gravity, we understand better why and this allows us to avoid problems and create new solutions to problems.

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